Export Notes from Downloaded eBooks

The Bluefire Reader app made a few updates to their app, which adds to what you can do with downloaded eBooks from Albertsons Library!

Now you can take notes in downloaded eBooks from EBL, when you use the app Bluefire Reader.

You can now take notes, highlight passages, and mark bookmarks - then export and share them all with yourself or others!

If you use an iOS device, you can now export all of your notes from your eBooks with two clicks using the Bluefire App. Android devices can only share one note at a time, but they're working on this as well. Download it now from Google Play.

Here's how!

First, hard hold the text and select it to highlight, add notes, etc. 
Once you've finished adding all of your notes, they will appear in bookmarks. So tap the bottom of the screen, and then select Bookmarks.
In the upper right, look for the box with an arrow coming out of it. Then select email, if you want to email the notes to yourself.

Type in your email address, and send! It will be nearly instantaneous.

In Android, you can do this one at a time only. But you can do this in iOS also. Select the text, and add a note, then share each one individually by doing a hard hold on the note.

Search for eBooks now! For help downloading eBooks, check out our guide! Or ask us for help.


Doug S said...

Excellent tip! My wife is a BSU professor and she wasn't sure how to export the many bookmarks/annoations she had made to her copy of a library ebook. I looked at the Bluefire User Guide online and couldn't find an answer, but kept searching and found your post, which solved the problem. Even better that a random Google search led me to a BSU-created solution. Thanks so much!

Doug S said...

Thanks for the tip! My wife is a BSU professor who was unsure how to export her bookmarks and annotations for a library ebook. The Bluefire User Guide online didn't have an answer, but a Google search turned up this post, which solved the problem. Even better, it was a BSU provided solution. Nice work.

Amy Vecchione said...

Great! I'm so glad to hear that!!