Boise Greenbelt Research Published in Urban Research

Boise State researchers have published their findings about surveys conducted in 2012 and 2013 about the use of Boise's Greenbelt. Among their findings is that 71% of users have a college education.

Dr. Jaap Vos, Associate Professor and Director of the Community and Regional Planning Department at Boise State, spoke about the study on Boise State Public Radio.

The full report, published as an occasional report in a publication called Urban Research, can be accessed here: http://sspa.boisestate.edu/publications/files/2013/12/Urban-Research_May-2014_final.pdf

Albertsons Library's Special Collections and Archives hosts digital collections and manuscript archives about the development of Boise, including history of the Greenbelt. The digital collection on bicycle lanes and greenbelts can be found here online, or by calling or emailing the unit (208) 426-3958 or archives@boisestate.edu.

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