Do you have my textbook?

You're probably wondering if we have your textbook. You may have ordered it online... and it's not here yet!

The Textbook Project was initiated by the Albertsons Library to provide a library reserve copy of textbooks used in entry level classes taught at Boise State University. 

The library purchases one copy of each textbook assigned to a 100 level or University Foundations class where the enrollment is at least 100, or where several sections of a 100 level or University Foundations courses are using the same textbook and the combined enrollment exceeds 100 students. 

The textbooks for these classes are placed on two hour in library reserve at the Circulation Desk so students can access them.

Find out if we have your textbook by searching the Reserves tab and searching the course number. We have a list at the Circulation desk and the Reference desk, so if you need help, just come in and ask or call (208) 426 1204!

Don't know the title? Consult the Boise State bookstore by searching here: http://bsu.verbacompare.com/

Don't know the class? Log in to my.BoiseState and check Broncoweb! Let us know if you have any questions.

Terry Madden & Amy Vecchione

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