The Library's 3D Printer Service Begins!

A print designed by a student at Boise State University.

Albertsons Library is proud to announce the 3D printing service has arrived!

We are consulting with students, staff, and faculty from Boise State University on the prints that they request to be printed. 

Many are designing their own objects using Tinkercad, or Sketchup MakeWe are also hosting a workshop series to teach individuals how to get started making designs. Or you can also choose a print from Thingiverse where others have already designed objects. 

The library staff and faculty have created their own Tinkercad account with Boise State related objects

For more advanced design ideas check out our guide!

When you're ready to print, send us an email or use this form. 
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Prints waiting to be picked up at Albertsons Library

After we consult with you about your print, we will choose the right settings for your print, and then when it's ready we will send you an email, and then you can come pick it up at the Circulation Desk in the library!

We are sending out links to a live web cam so you can watch your print live! The printer is in high demand right now, but we are getting prints done! 

If you have any questions, email Amy Vecchione or Deana Brown and we are happy to help. 

Amy Vecchione, Associate Professor/Digital Access Librarian

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