Boise State Catalog Changes

After a summer of construction, the library is going through another (not so big) change. In the next few weeks, the library will be switching to a new interface to the Boise State only catalog. The new interface will have better interoperability with WorldCat Local, the search box on the library’s homepage. In addition, the interface is designed to incorporate design elements that make it more accessible, as outlined in the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

One thing that comes with this switch is that the option to search will look different! The interface and layout won't resemble the current Boise State only catalog interface. But don’t fear, you will still be able to search through WorldCat per usual and it will be just as easy to find what you need. The library is currently testing the new interface to ensure functionality. Stay tuned for a roll out date!

The Boise State only catalog is the system that processes all the “Hold/Request” functions. For example, if you want a book in the library but somebody has it checked out you might use the request option to be first in line for that book when it’s returned, or if you only have five minutes to stop by the library you can place an on-shelf hold to have your books waiting for you at the circulation desk. Now that we’re moving to the new interface, this function is going to look a little different. The hope is that it will be a little bit easier to use and understand.

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