5 Things Makers Need To Know

1. Anyone can be a maker

Community is what makes the MakerLab run. If you need help getting started on something, come talk to us in the Library's MakerLab. We're here to help! We discuss ideas as a team, and problem solve to help you fulfill your tech goals.

2. Failure is ok

Did you make a mistake with tech? Bring it to us! In the MakerLab we learn from our mistakes as a team and they help make our projects stronger. This helps us become experts. 

3. The MakerLab community can help you learn something new

If we can't figure it out, we will find someone that knows more about it than we do. 

We generally help out with: 3D printing and design, microphones, Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, web coding, audio, podcasting, video, green screen, vinyl cutting and lighting. Check out some of our tech and guides here.

4. Albertsons Library checks out equipment so you don't have to spend the money

Can't afford your own Canon DSLR? You can check out Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, video cameras, microphones, and more! Ask at the Circulation Desk or MakerLab if you can't find something. Our sound booth on the 4th floor is a private place where you can edit sound and video without distractions!

5. Anyone can join our community of creative makers and technologists

The Creative Technologies Association represents a university-wide network of students, professors, and community professionals who enjoy exploring the use of cutting-edge technology to create new forms of entertainment experiences for audiences of all sizes. Through various projects and events, CTA members foster valuable in-demand creative thinking skills that are highly applicable in real world careers.

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