Celebrate Boise State University Authors

Albertsons Library is proud to host the fifth annual University Author Recognition reception to honor Boise State University scholarship.

The university community is invited to a reception this Thursday, February 25 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm in the McCain room, second floor of Albertsons Library.

The bibliography and author list are available online at
http://library.boisestate.edu/faculty/ .

Please join us to celebrate and recognize the scholarship and accomplishments of Boise State University faculty and staff!


LibGuides: LibaWhat?

Say you have a topic in mind, and you're not sure where to start. You want to get a nice range of resources for finding more information about your topic. Where would you go? How about saving some time and giving our super research guides a spin?

LibGuides are a collection of library research guides filled with handpicked resources on just about any subject you can think of -- from Accountancy to Theatre Arts, and everything in between. Each guide has recommended books, databases where you can search for journal articles, and other subject-specific resources you can go to for authoritative info on your research topic.

We've also got special-interest guides that you may want to use: for citing sources, locating primary resources, and even a guide for UNIV 106.