Meet Amy!

Hello! My name is Amy Vecchione and I am the new Reference Librarian at Albertsons Library. My primary responsibilities will be engaging individuals who come to the reference desk, conducting instruction sessions, and working as a liaison for the Chemistry department. I am very excited to be here and working with everyone throughout the new year.

To tell you a bit about my background, I have lived in the Boise area for the past four years and love the combination of nature and technology that the Treasure Valley has to offer. Although I grew up in New Jersey, I have lived in the West for the past 15 years.

Some of my favorite things to do involve swimming, road biking, music, food, and any kind of adventure. I received my MLIS from the University of Washington in 2007 and my undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in 2000.

I have been moonlighting on weekends at the reference desk, and also have worked on some Library Research Guides. You can see my profile and other research interests here: http://guides.boisestate.edu/profile.php?uid=6120

Please give me a call at (208) 426-1625, e-mail at amyvecchione@boisestate.edu or stop by my office on the first floor of the library, if you want to chat. I am most happy to do so.


New database: ScholarWorks

This spring, Albertsons Library, in collaboration with the Graduate College, Research Office, and Office of the Provost, began developing ScholarWorks, a collection of services designed to capture and showcase all scholarly output by the Boise State University community.
These services include: identifying and making available via the ScholarWorks web site documents and files produced by the faculty, research groups, and students of Boise State University; creation of Selected Works pages which highlight the scholarly accomplishments of each individual faculty member; distribution of regular reports that provide data on the impact and usage of faculty publications; access to simple and inexpensive electronic publishing of original series, journals, and monographs; and promotion of research efforts via a searchable public database.
Not only does ScholarWorks help increase the visibility and impact of faculty work through broader dissemination, it also supports student research through initiatives such as making theses and dissertations available electronically.
Additionally, ScholarWorks has the ability to provide access to many different types of scholarship such as journal articles, technical reports, presentations, working papers, and datasets. Here are some examples:
In the coming months, ScholarWorks will continue to develop these services and help support Boise State’s scholarly communication efforts. Please contact Michelle Armstrong (426-2580) for more information.


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