Boise State Scholarship Downloaded 100,000 Times

This February, ScholarWorks recorded its 100,000th full-text download. Launched in 2009, ScholarWorks is specifically designed to showcase Boise State scholarship and helps remove access barriers to publicly funded research.

The collection includes faculty publications, graduate scholarship, university publications, conference information, and institutional documents. In recent months the use of ScholarWorks has increased significantly with a high of over 12,000 Boise State documents downloaded in just November 2010 alone.

In addition to providing access to scholarship produced at Boise State, the service also provides SelectedWorks sites that highlight individual faculty member’s professional accomplishments. 

For more information, please visit ScholarWorks or contact Michelle Armstrong at 426-2580.


QR Codes in the library

Albertsons Library
Mobile Site
Are you wondering what this square graphic represents? It's a QR code. Developed in Japan, a QR code (short for "Quick Response" code) is a barcode that contains information that can be read by a mobile device, usually a web-enabled phone with a camera.

The information within a QR code can vary--it can be a phone number, a website link, a link to play a video, a link to map directions, and more.

What do I need?
To decipher the code you need a web-enabled phone with a camera, and a decoding application called a barcode scanner. These scanner apps are freely available for a variety of mobile devices--you can pick a scanner app from this list: http://bit.ly/fJGqz9

How do I scan this QR code?

After downloading and launching a code scanner application, simply point your device's camera at the QR code and the app will reveal the information in your device by linking you there, usually using your device's web browser. For example, scanning the QR code above will take you to the library's mobile website.

Why should I use it?
Scanning a QR code is a quick way to transfer information from online or printed material to your phone without typing it in. You also retain that information in your device for future reference. QR codes make the transmission of data from static to mobile quick and simple.

The Albertsons Library uses QR codes as a simple and fast way for students to access library resources with their mobile devices. You will see a greater number of QR codes throughout the library, in printed materials, and online.

If you want to know more about QR codes, including how to create your own, read our "What's a QR Code?" guide, or visit us at the reference desk.


Canada Display at the Library

Visit the Special Collections display windows on the 2nd floor of the Library for an exhibit that celebrates Canada Week. The exhibit includes books, memorabilia and facts about Canada. 

Canadian Studies Program has scheduled a series of events February 14 - 17, including a trivia contest and free lectures.


University Author Recognition

Wondering what kind of research your professors do? Then visit the library to see this year's University Author Recognition display. 

Each year, Albertsons Library celebrates all Boise State University authors who published articles, books, or other creative works between September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010.

As part of this celebration, we set up displays on the first floor, including book exhibits, an online bibliography, and a complete list of authors. Stop by the library's first floor and check out the scholarly and creative work of Boise State University faculty and staff.  

Michelle Armstrong, Librarian