Extended hours at the library

It's that time of year again -- papers are due, finals are looming, and stress levels are rising. Come to Albertsons Library to use the computer lab, study with your pals, and finish up your final projects.

Today,  Monday 4/30 the Library will extend its hours and be open until 2:00 AM, and on Sunday, May 6 the doors will open at 10:00 AM and not close until 7:00 PM on Thursday, May 10. The Library's hours are listed at http://library.boisestate.edu/calendar/main.php. Starbucks will also have extended hours Sunday, May 5 thru Wednesday, May 9.

Bring your snacks, dinner, laptop and headphones -- find a free chair, get comfortable and get 'er done.

Good luck Broncos!

May Aagard,
Access Services Librarian


Undergraduate Research Abstracts Available in ScholarWorks

Each year Boise State hosts the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference which allows students to showcase their amazing talents. Including works from all disciplines, students have the opportunity to participate in research, develop artistic projects, and experiment with new learning methods.

This year, abstracts for over 200 posters are available through ScholarWorks. Including works from climate change to capitalism through eighteenth century song; availability of multicultural children's literature to training programs in adult recreational hockey; drug treatment programs to historical Idaho photography. Additionally, students have an opportunity to share their final posters by submitting their files to ScholarWorks.

For more information, please contact Michelle Armstrong at scholarworks@boisestate.edu or 426-2580.


The Library's new layout

During Spring Break the Albertsons Library was busy making the first floor more open and comfortable: we installed brand new carpet on the entire first floor of the library, and redesigned the space to include more group study tables next to wall outlets. You get better views of the Greenbelt, too.

The library's first floor looks and feels more open. Stop on by and check it out!