Have a happy spring break!

Happy Spring Break! We hope you enjoy your vacation, whether you're staying in the Boise area or headed off to warmer climes.

For those sticking around to get ahead on your work, the library will be open. Our spring break hours will be:

Saturday 3/26: 10am-7pm
Sunday 3/27: closed
Monday-Thursday 3/28-3/31: 8am-6pm
Friday 4/1: 8am-5pm
Saturday 4/2: closed
Sunday 4/3: 10am-midnight (back to normal)

Enjoy the break!

Photo by bowtoo


Kim Leeder: 2011 Mover & Shaker

Our very own librarian Kim Leeder was named a "2011 Mover & Shaker" by the publication Library Journal.

The Library Journal''s "Movers & Shakers has been spotlighting librarians and others in the library field who are doing extraordinary work to serve their users and to move libraries of all types and library services forward."

Way to go, Kim!


New guide to North Africa and the Middle East

Want to learn more about North Africa and the Middle East? Check out our Staff Picks shelf across from the elevators on the first floor of the library. Browse the shelves for selected books on the culture and politics of North Africa and the Middle East. But don't stop there! Go online to find more information resources at http://guides.boisestate.edu/nafrica

Need help with your research? Ten minutes with a librarian can save you hours of searching. Chat with us online or in person at the reference desk. Or try our new text-a-librarian service at 208-546-9982.

Access the guide on your phone
via QR Code


Mobile Access to Library Resources via QR Codes

Have you seen these posters around the library?

Albertsons Library is using QR codes to give smartphone users access to the library's mobile-friendly resources, such as the library's website, research databases, extensive subject guides, and text reference help. Scanning a QR code is a quick way to transfer information from online or printed material to your phone without typing it in. You also retain that information in your device for future reference.

Instead of manually typing the library's URL or the library's text number, you can simply use a barcode scanner on your phone to scan a QR code [the black & white pixelated graphics above] for each service. Scanner apps are freely available for a variety of mobile devices--you can pick a scanner app from this list: http://bit.ly/fJGqz9

QR codes make the transmission of data from static to mobile quick and simple. If you have any questions about these QR codes or reference services, just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


Library 101 is March 9-10, 2011

Albertsons Library is pleased to announce our second now-biannual orientation event for English 101 classes, Library 101. The event, which will take place on March 9 and 10, 2011, will bring fifteen sections of English 101 to the library to learn about our resources, in print, online, and human (meaning: our wonderful staff and librarians).

This is our second Library 101 event; the previous event took place during Fall 2010 semester on October 9-10, 2010, and brought 40 sections of English 101 to the library.

We look forward to having so many of our newer students in the library next week! For those of you in English 101 sections who will be joining us, welcome! For those who might notice the larger number of students circulating around the building on those two days, thanks in advance for your patience.

To learn more about Library 101, please visit our Library 101 guide.