Internet, Databases: ProCon.org & CQ Researcher

Want to get both sides of an issue? ProCon.org is an informational website that bills itself as a "nonpartisan, independent, and nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to inform the public about controversial issues using facts, news, and hundreds of diverse opinions in a pro-con format." Though limited to a few topics so far, each is replete with an extensive list of resources, background data, and time-sensitive information of the topic discussed.

Similar in scope and worth checking out for "hot button" issues is CQ Researcher, an informational research database available from the Library's Indexes to Articles and Databases page. CQ Researcher publishes 44 online essays per year, and covers topics of broad significance to American audiences, such as Capital Punishment, Immigration, environmental issues, and more. Each essay offers an overview of the topic in question, a chronology of events, a pro/con section, and an extensive bibliography. CQ Researcher is a great source for term paper subject ideas, and is available online from October 1991 to present.

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