Albertsons Library Publishes Church Records Book

Albertsons Library has just published a new book on Silver City that is generating a great deal of interest in the historical and genealogical communities. "Early Records of the Episcopal Church in Southwestern Idaho, 1867-1916: Silver City and DeLamar" transcribed by Patricia Dewey Jones, has just rolled off the presses and is now available for sale at the Student Union bookstore.

The book is a transcription of old handwritten church registers from the mining towns of Silver City and DeLamar up in the Owyhee Mountains. Special Collections holds the original church registers, which are now fragile and written in script that is often difficult to decipher.

Old church records like these are important because the State of Idaho did not begin compiling birth and death records until 1911. So before that date, church records (with baptisms, burials, etc.) are often the only vital records there are. Copies of the book will be available for $10.00 at the BSU Bookstore (208) 426-BOOK or http:www.boisestatebooks.com

Alan Virta, Head of Special Collections and Associate Professor

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