Birds of North America Online

Albertsons Library is happy to announce a wonderful new resource for biology and environmental studies, the Raptor Center, and all those interested in birds and bird-watching—Birds of North America Online .

Birds of North America (BNA) focuses on breeding birds of the United States and Canada and each article includes information on the bird’s appearance, food habits, breeding, migration, population, conservation and management, and lots of other characteristics.

There are multimedia links to images and videos showing behavior, habitats, nests, eggs, and nestlings and to recordings of bird songs and calls. Birds are searchable by common or scientific name, order, family, and genus or through keyword.

The online content is updated frequently and recent revisions include: the Red-shouldered Hawk, the Northern Saw-whet Owl, the Rock Ptarmigan, the Glaucous-winged Gull, and the Vaux’s Swift. BNA uses streaming Quicktime for video files and RealPlayer files for audio files. Both programs are free and available for download from the BNA site.

Access to Birds of North America Online is available anytime through the Albertsons Library database page by selecting “Birds of North America.” From home, you’ll need your BroncoWeb ID and password to login.

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