American Geophysical Union’s journals now online

Online access to the full text historical archives of the American Geophysical Union’s Digital Library is now available via the Albertsons library's website.

AGU’s Digital Library is a collection of more than 100 years of Earth and space science research from journals and books and will eventually include articles from Eos, the AGU’s weekly newspaper, and the International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy.

Coverage in AGU’s Digital Library starts with first issue of each journal (including previous and later journal titles) and continues through 2002. There is a six-year "moving wall," which means that we won't have access to the most recent six years of issues. But every year, our coverage will move forward another year (e.g., in 2009, content from 2003 will be added).

Online access to full text articles in recently published in AGU journals (2003 to the present) for which the Library already has a subscription will also be available through this resource.

Journals and coverage included as of July 10, 2008 are:

  • Earth interactions (from the American meteorological society* (1997-2002)

  • Geochemistry, geophysics, geosystems* (1999-present)

  • Geophysical research letters* (1974-present)

  • Global biogeochemical cycles (1987-2002)

  • Journal of geophysical research* (1949-present) including all sections (Atmospheres, Biogeosciences, Earth surface, Oceans, Planets, Solid earth, Space physics) plus:Terrestrial magnetism (1896-1898), Terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity (1899-1948)

  • Nonlinear processes in geophysics* (from the European Geosciences Union; (1994-present)

  • Paleoceanography* (1986-present)

  • Radio science (1969-2002)

  • Reviews of geophysics* (1963-present)

  • Tectonics* (1982-present)

  • Water resources research* (1965-present)

*Library has current subscription to electronic journal

Access AGU's digital library via the library's Articles, Databases link or via the A - Z list of databases. For more information contact Cheri Folkner, Catalog Librarian.

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