Library DIY: LibGuides for everyone

We live in a DIY culture! And if you're like me, you'd rather spend several hours trying to figure something out yourself before you ask for help. If do-it-yourself is the way you do things, you're going to love our new LibGuides (and if you're not, we hope you'll still love them).

LibGuides are a collection of library research guides that we are building for just about any subject you can think of -- from Accountancy to Theatre Arts, and everything in between. Each guide has recommended resources: books, databases where you can search for journal articles, and other subject-specific resources you can go to for authoritative info on your research topic.

We've also got special-interest guides that you may want to use: for citing sources, locating primary resources, and a guide for Library TV video tutorials.

Best of all, LibGuides are a place where you can sound off about what resources you like and what you'd like help with. You can comment, get updates, and vote on polls. Let us know what you think!

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