Albertsons Library on KBSU

President Kustra's guest on his radio program "New Horizons in Education" this past weekend was New York Times journalist Adam Clymer, who came to Albertsons Library in 2006 to use the Frank Church collection while researching his book, Drawing the Line at the Big Ditch: The Panama Canal Treaties and the Rise of the Right (University Press of Kansas, 2008).

The book explores how the conservative movement was able to parlay its opposition to the canal treaties in the 1970s into electoral success in 1980, including the defeat of Senator Frank Church. President Kustra mentioned Mr. Clymer's visit to Boise and his use of the Frank Church collection in his introduction.

The entire interview can be heard on the New Horizons website, - look for the Nov 28 program. The book is available for check out and in the Albertsons Library Special Collections department.

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