Want to tell us what you think?

The Library is conducting a series of tests of the Library website, and we're seeking volunteers to help us find out how to create a website that works better for you.

What is usability testing?
Usability testing is a process of watching people use our website to carry out typical tasks. We are not testing the abilities of the subject, but rather the efficacy of our website.

Why usability testing?
Because the Library website is so complex and information rich, it can be difficult to organize in a way that is intuitive.

What kind of volunteers do you need?
Undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty use our website very differently. Because of that, we get the best results if we work with all three groups.

How long does it take?
Between 30 minutes and an hour.

What do I get out of it?
Our eternal gratitude. And, hopefully, an improved Library website.

How do I get involved?
Contact Ellie Dworak, Web Services Librarian at 426-1623 with any questions or to set up a time.

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