Want to get better grades? We can help!

Take University 106: Library Research (1 credit) and learn to find the information you need to succeed in course papers and projects. UNIV 106 will get you on the path to becoming an information ninja, able to slice through the web and maneuver the library’s rich information landscape to conquer projects.

All courses are one-credit pass/fail and are taught by librarians. If you have any questions, please contact the instructor directly.

PoWeR Up!

ENGLISH 102 & UNIVERSITY 106 are teaming up to help you get a jump-start on your research skills.

Are you ready to take English 102 in the spring and looking for an enriched experience? Consider participating in PoWeR (Project Writing and Research)!

What is PoWeR? It's what happens when writing instructors and librarians work together so that students benefit. In PoWeR, you will take both a specified section of English 102 *and* a one-credit (pass/fail) section of University 106: Library Research. All of the students enrolled in a designated section of English 102 will also be enrolled in an online section of UNIV 106, creating a hybrid learning community of researchers and writers.

Within this combined four-credit experience, you'll get a lot of support for both your writing and research through integrated assignments. The content of both courses is coordinated so that University 106 activities work towards the completion of English 102 writing projects. Now that’s PoWeR!

For a list of all fall 2009 University 106 offerings, including the PoWeR sections linked with English 102, please visit

Got questions? Contact Sara Seely at saraseely@boisestate.edu or 426-1263.

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