Mobile Access to Library Resources via QR Codes

Have you seen these posters around the library?

Albertsons Library is using QR codes to give smartphone users access to the library's mobile-friendly resources, such as the library's website, research databases, extensive subject guides, and text reference help. Scanning a QR code is a quick way to transfer information from online or printed material to your phone without typing it in. You also retain that information in your device for future reference.

Instead of manually typing the library's URL or the library's text number, you can simply use a barcode scanner on your phone to scan a QR code [the black & white pixelated graphics above] for each service. Scanner apps are freely available for a variety of mobile devices--you can pick a scanner app from this list: http://bit.ly/fJGqz9

QR codes make the transmission of data from static to mobile quick and simple. If you have any questions about these QR codes or reference services, just let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

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