Announcing Digital Commons Networks

Starting this fall, faculty and students who have added their research to ScholarWorks will now be included in the Digital Commons Network. With almost 600,000 full-text documents, the Digital Commons Network is one of the largest collections of openly accessible scholarship currently available. Organized using a subject taxonomy, content is grouped into discipline-specific “Commons.” 

Researchers can browse the Discipline Wheel, conduct a general search, or navigate to the Commons of each major discipline (Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Business, Education, Engineering, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, and Social and Behavioral Sciences). From each Commons, researchers can browse titles or drill down to see additional sub-disciplines.

The Digital Commons Network also helps highlight the work of Boise State and its scholars by featuring the most popular resources during the last month. In October for example, Boise State ranked in the top ten accessed publications in the sub-disciplines of Bioinformatics, Literature in English – North America, Hydrology, Interpersonal and Small Group Communication, Power and Energy, Disability and Equity in Education, and Medical Nutrition. 

Inclusion of Boise State works in the Digital Commons Network helps raise the profile of faculty and scholarship and enables searchers to find research produced at Boise State. To learn more, please visit ScholarWorks.

Michelle Armstrong,
Librarian / Asst. Professor

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