8/19/13: World Photography Day

2012 World Photography Day submission by Am Renault

"World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography. Whether you see yourself as an Amateur, Hobbyist or Professional, August 19th is a day to embrace your love of photography." So says http://www.worldphotoday.org/ , and if you want to be part of over 4600 photographers who will post on its global online gallery, then head on over to the website and register.

If you find the perfect shot and want to add it to your presentation or paper, learn how to cite it by giving this library guide a shot: http://guides.boisestate.edu/imagesvideos. Here you will find MLA & APA citation style guides for pictures and moving images, as well as links to huge collections of online images and a nifty Google Image Search box. Go take a picture!

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