Check Out What’s Happening at the Circulation Desk

Fall 2013 is in full swing and if you haven’t taken advantage of everything that the Circulation Desk has to offer you might be missing out on some very valuable resources!

Did you know that the Circulation Desk has more than 50 laptops available for checkout? As well as computer and phone chargers, iPads, headphones, microphone headsets, and even calculators. Although most items must remain in the library, our lending policy has recently changed and many items can now be checked out until 30 minutes before closing with no need to renew! We’ve also eliminated the $0.50 per minute fine in favor of a 3-strike policy. Return technology items late 3 times in one semester and you’ll lose technology lending privileges until a new semester begins. Visit the Circulation Desk to find out about all available items!

You’ve ordered your textbook, but it hasn’t arrived. Maybe you just don’t want to haul around ten
pounds worth of Chemistry. Perhaps finances are tight. Whatever the reason may be, course reserves can be a wonderful resource for many students. Textbooks and required reading books are kept on special shelves behind the Circulation Desk and check out for shortened periods, usually for in-Library use only. This allows multiple students to have regular access to the materials without having to purchase them. Unfortunately, the library is not able to carry every book that is required for every class and professors must request that specific items be added to the reserve shelves, so check with your professor or the Circulation Desk to find out what materials may be available. Reserve items are arranged alphabetically, so knowing the title of the book will help us find it for you the fastest. 

Clint the Bald Eagle
Our beloved scarlet macaw had to fly away at the end of the Spring 2013 semester, but happily a new friend swooped in to take his place. Clint the Bald Eagle is currently soaring through the stacks. Find him and bring him to the Circulation Desk to choose something special from our prize box! There’s no limit to the number of times you can find our feathered friend.

Heather Grevatt
Access Services

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