New look for Current Periodicals section

Chris next to the Current Periodicals section,
on the library's 1st floor.
Displays have been added that highlight the Current Periodicals section of the library. The displays feature the covers from different journals and magazines to showcase an overlooked resource available to students.

The Current Periodicals section has many uses; one is its ability to conjure up inspiration for research papers. Another, as Chris Felt can attest to, is to discover a favorite magazine such as Maclean’s. A Canadian news magazine, Maclean’s publishes articles on current events and issues. According to Chris, “Maclean’s is like Time Magazine except you  have a better chance of finding interesting articles.”

Additionally Chris uses the Current Periodicals as an opportunity to find new topics of interest, such as coming across an issue of Earth First! which lead Chris to a new area of research: radical environmentalism.

So, If you need a topic for a research paper or want to find a new favorite magazine, come to the Current Periodicals section of the library.

Chris Felt and Audrey Williams,
Access Services

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