Hands-On Emerging Technology Workshops at Albertsons Library

3D printing at Albertsons Library
Albertsons Library’s staff and faculty are here to help you create, discover, learn, and innovate. In this hands on series we will provide a personalized introduction to the library’s technology, our new 3D printer, collaboration lab, learning materials, and information to make your ideas become a reality.

This semester we are offering introductory workshops designed to introduce you to emerging technologies. These aren’t lectures; they’re an opportunity to discover the basics of green screens, 3D modeling, video editing, and more -- by actually doing something! Workshops include: What is 3D printing, Edit a Green Screen Photo, Take a Green Screen Photo, Makey Makey Build Night, Find a thing, Tinker a Thing, 3D print a Thing, Make Your Own Video from Found Content, Getting Your Creative Commons Juices Flowing, Have you hugged your data today?, User Experience Principles: Personas, What the CRAAP?, and Would you like some pi?

No prior knowledge or experience with the technology is required, only your curiosity and a willingness to learn. Supportive staff will guide you through the beginning steps of your journey to learning new technologies. It’s fun, and the skills you learn will improve your school work and future job prospects by letting you take something from idea to tangible project.

Register by signing up here, and we will send you a reminder!

Questions? Email, call or stop by: Amy Vecchione amyvecchione@boisestate.edu Library 212

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