Making room for the College of Innovation and Design

Did you read the Update news blurb about changes and improvements to Albertsons Library this summer? We're making room for more than just the MakerLab! The last paragraph states, "The library will also host the College of Innovation and Design (COID) offices on the second floor. In order to make room for the new college, the library will be relocating furniture and collections."  

Well, what does that mean? It means the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) on the second floor of the library is shifting and moving to make space for the COID dean's office, associate dean's office, administrative assistant area, conference room, and a collaborative lab space. These offices will be located on the North side of the 2nd floor. This construction project will begin next week, and conclude sometime during the Fall semester.   

What is moving where?

Here is a what will remain the same:
  • Dewey​/Curriculum​ collection (​p​K-12) will remain on the 2nd floor, just shifted a little bit
  • ​p​K-12 Idaho adoption textbooks will ​still be on the 2nd floor near the Dewey collection
  • You can still check-out ​p​K-12 materials at the circulation desk on the 1st floor​ (and return them there)​

Here is what will change:
  • Non-K-12 DVDs and CDs will move to the 3rd floor
  • Margie Ruppel's office will now be on the first floor, near Starbuck's. She will continue to be the library liaison to the College of Education.
  • Roberta Pena's considerable experience and skills are being transferred to a new position in our Technical Services unit
  • Assistance with K-12 materials will now be provided from the 1st floor reference desk, where there are a variety of ways to contact us, or just stop by!
Margie Rupple and Mary Aagard waiting to assist you at the reference desk
Library faculty members and staff are excited to partner with and host the COID. We can't wait to see what this new college brings to Boise State!

Follow along with this project, and construction on the first floor, as Albertsons Library makes room for the MakerLab (and the COID).

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