Cinema Night @ Albertsons Library

"Rashomon (1950)" by japanesefilmarchive is licensed under CC BY 2.0
The Cinema Society at Boise State (CSBS) is a student group interested in bringing the world of cinema to Boise State. Each month, in coordination with Albertsons Library, this student club will show a different film from around the world accompanied by optional readings and discussions hosted by Boise State students and staff.

The goal of these readings/discussion is to provide a platform for students interested in the culture, theories, and analysis of filmmaking. Attendees are not required to have any knowledge of films or filmmaking in order to join in our film community. Love talking about movies with your friends? Come hang out with us. A get-to-know-you session will be held before the movie so come on in and enjoy good company, fascinating conversation and snacks.

Cinema Night will start at 6pm in library room 201C. Here’s the schedule for fall semester:

Thursday, October 1st: Following, directed by Christopher Nolan
Thursday, October 29th: Rashomon, directed by Akira Kurosawa
Thursday, November 19th: The Spirit of the Beehive, directed by Victor Arice
Thursday, December 10th: Close-Up, directed by Abbas Kiarostami

Learn more about the club and the movies that will be shown with this guide http://guides.boisestate.edu/cinema.

Shelly Doty & Elizabeth Ramsey,
Albertsons Library 

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