Bosnia and Herzegovina in Posters at the Library

The library is happy to host a new display of posters created by Boise State Service Learning students. Project leader and student in the MBA program, Maya Duratovic, provides some background on the project:
The Bosnian and Herzegovinian Cultural Center of Idaho received a grant from The Idaho State Historical Society to create a traveling museum of Bosnian and Herzegovinian history. Boise State Service Learning students worked together with the members of the Cultural Center to find ways to present the history in visually appealing posters. This project is only one of its kind that showcases the tradition and heritage that Bosnian refugees brought to the state. Idaho has been influenced by waves of immigrants, each contributing in some way to the history of the state. Bosnians are a modern day example of how history develops in Idaho, and this traveling history museum will help to preserve the rich Bosnian heritage brought to the American melting pot of cultures.

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