Library Summer Work? Read This!

Important Changes to Summer 2006 Work-Study

To earn work-study funds between May 12th - June 17th, you must be enrolled at least half-time in summer classes.

Half-time is:
6 or more credits for undergraduate and applied tech students
5 or more credits for graduate students

Other Summer Work-Study Details
  • If you are graduating at the end of the spring semester, you may not work after May 12th using work-study funds
  • June 17th is the last day you may work using your 2005-2006 work-study award
  • If you are employed as a work-study student on or after June 18th, you must have an accepted 2006-2007 work-study award
  • Starting June 18th, in order to work using work-study funds, you must be registered at least half time as a degree-seeking student for fall 2006.
Remember that you must be "eligible" for the aid awarded to you, and you must have submitted all required documents and have allowed time for these documents to be reviewed prior to being placed in a work-study position. If you have one or more financial aid holds indicating that you are ineligible for aid, you are also ineligible to work using work-study funds.

Work-study employers must fill out new WS Employee Action Forms (EAFs) for the 2006-2007 award year for all work-study employees, including continuing work-study employees, as the current WS EAF only applies to the current award year which ends June 17th.

For all work-study students, both new and continuing, you will need to review and complete a W-4 form, in the Human Resources Office, for correct withholding for the year, as well as completing all other required HR hiring paperwork.

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