Research: BNA Tax Management Library

BNA Tax Management Library logoThe Library has acquired a new tax database, the BNATax Management Library, from the Bureau of National Affairs. Recognized as "America's Tax Authority," BNA offers U. S. Income Portfolios with detailed and extensive analyses of legal and regulatory tax issues.

Also included are the Daily Tax Report Hightlights and the Weekly Report provide up-to-the-minute overviews of tax topics from the IRS, the U.S. Legislature, current cases pending, and other tax information resources. Estate, gifts, and trust information; an examination of the structure of the U. S. Tax System; the IRS Code and documents; Treasury regulations, and myriad of other current and archived information can be found here. To access, go the library's Articles Indexes and Databases page and click on BNATAX management library.

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lance said...

It's funny that the library is called Albertson's Library. It makes me think that it is in a grocery store. I know it's named after the guy who the grocery store is named after and not the store itself, but it's still funny.