Internet: Citation Tools

On a previous post we mentioned that the library has plenty of copies of the more popular citation style guides, such as MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian. But did you know that there are several websites that can do the work for you?

Enter the fill-in-the-blank citation tools! Simply select the style, input the information (author, title, date, volume, etc.), and watch it transform into a citation. Here's a quick rundown of the choices available to you:

  • Citationmachine.net: probably the oldest (online since 2000), it can do citations in MLA and APA on a variety of resources along with regular book, article and newspaper resources.
  • KnightCite: created by Calvin College's Heckman Library (Michigan), KnightCite will create citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.
  • RapidCite: a website service that provides a simple step by step process to create citations and the option of importing your citations to a MS Word document.
  • Citation Builder: a service of the North Carolina State University Libraries, it can convert the more basic resources.

As handy as these websites are they will not correct your misspellings or capitalization errors: what you type in is what you get back. Luckily, we have the print versions of any style guide you could possibly use @thelibrary, so you can doublecheck the citations for accuracy. If you have any questions, just ask a Librarian for help.

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