Reference: Style Guides, et al.

In the Library’s mini-reference area on the first floor one can find several aids for students. Here you can find guides to writing book reports, research papers and the most common bibliographic style manuals, such as the APA and the MLA guides.

Titles in this mini-ref collection may be checked out for two weeks. Here, too, you can find books on resume and cover letter writing and suggestions on how to conduct a job search. Also on hand are paper-back dictionaries and thesauri for use while in the Library.

There are mini-ref areas on each of the four floors of the Library, with the one on the first floor being the largest. This is just one of the ways the Library tries to make information and material easily available for students. But, there is no substitute for asking for assistance when you need it. The staff is always eager to help.

Adrien Taylor, Reference Librarian

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