Homework in Facebook

Hanging out on Facebook instead of doing your homework? Did you know you can do both? Facebook offers a search application for JSTOR, one of Albertsons Library’s all subject full-text journal article databases. Need information resources other than journal articles? Search Facebook Application for “Library” and see what you can find. Lots of libraries have search boxes for their catalogs. To add JSTOR to your page simply search Facebook applications for “JSTOR” and then add the application to your page. One technical detail: you will have to enter http://libproxy.boisestate.edu/login?url= in the "set proxy" box. If you’re on campus it will take you straight to JSTOR results. If you’re off campus it will ask you for your BroncoWeb ID and password. Simple as that. Now you can do homework and throw sheep at people, compare movies, or have any other Facebook fun.

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