More than 2,000 eAudiboooks for you - free!

Thanks to the hard work of the Idaho Commission for Libraries, everyone in Idaho will soon have access to more than two thousand eAudiobooks through a company called NetLibrary. Get your mp3 players ready! The service goes live on October 1st.

An eAudiobook, if you don't already know, is identical to a book on CD but without the CD! Instead of burning the audiobook files to a bunch of discs, the publisher simply makes them available digitally. You can download the audiobook files and play them on your computer or transfer to a supported mp3 player (deep apologies, but iPods don't work). We'll also have a bunch of mp3 players available for checkout if you don't have a compatible device.

In case you want to start browsing now, here's a list of books that will be available on the 10/1 go-live date:
  • 1,326 titles in the NetLibrary Core Collection

  • 425 children's and young adult titles

  • 197 literary classics

  • 162 titles from the Pimsleur language series

  • The Bible, broken down into 30 sections
If you have questions about this service or want more information, feel free to ask us or review NetLibrary's help pages. I hope you enjoy the new service -- I know I will!

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