New Wireless Restrictions

The following announcement will also impact wireless access at Albertsons Library:

Beginning Oct. 9 October 16, computers connecting to the university network in residence halls and via the campus wireless network will be required to use a security and privacy authentication process called Clean Access.

Users of a Windows operating system will be required to install Clean Access Agent software on their computers. Macintosh and Linux systems will not be required to install the Clean Access Agent software at this time. This small application will verify to the network that the user’s laptop (on wireless) or computer (in student housing) is running a current version of anti-virus and that he/she has the recommended security software updates from Microsoft.

Clean Access only identifies vulnerabilities existing on computers and recommends and instructs computer owners how to fix those vulnerabilities in order to be granted access to the university network. For more information visit helpdesk.boisestate.edu/cleanaccess.shtml.

Check this FAQ for more information and additional options for wi-fi access around campus.

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