Free Trial: Morgan & Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science

The Boise State University Albertsons Library has arranged a free trial of Morgan & Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. The trial will start March 3. To allow time for this product to be considered for purchase, please send feedback by April 25.

A description of the product from Morgan & Claypool’s promotional materials:

“Synthesis is a revolutionary collection of e-books: dynamic presentations of key R&D topics written by leading … scientists and engineers. The titles range in scope from core undergraduate course areas to the state of the art in research from academic, corporate, and government labs. Most are less than 100 pages and provide students and faculty complete yet succinct coverage of advanced topics in rapidly changing fields.”

Subject areas currently emphasize computer science and electrical engineering, but mechatronics, biomedical and general engineering topics are also available. Environmental engineering topics are slated for future production.


[Or use the Library’s home page (http://library.boisestate.edu ), then click Find…Articles, Databases, then click on S in the Databases by Name list, then click on Synthesis.]

Select a series of interest, and view the e-Book pdf. New content is still being developed, so not all categories are complete.

Please give it a try –

Faculty: would you find the product useful for your research and teaching?

Students: would you find it useful in your studies?

Send comments to Nancy Rosenheim, by April 25.

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