Mark Maguire presentation today at the Library

Come listen to Mark Maguire, 2008 Fulbright visiting fellow to Stanford University with the Western Institute for Irish Studies, on Migration and Bio-Surveillance: Irish and Other Examples, at 12:30 PM in the McCain room of the Albertsons Library, on the Campus of Boise State University.

Ireland, once a place from which residents emigrated, has been transformed since 1990 into a major destination for migrants from other countries. Currently over ten percent of Ireland’s population is foreign-born. The country moved rapidly to develop immigration policies in line with European Union and international trends and engaged in heated debates about border security, citizenship, and social services.

As other countries confront similar challenges in managing migration and preventing terrorism, a keyword is “eSecurity.” Borders are becoming eSmart; passports have eMemory; there is enormous investment in the latest biometric systems. Together such electronic measures constitute bio-surveillance, which lies at the heart of contemporary migration policies around the world.

Admission is free and light refreshments will be provided.

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