Tributes to Bethine Church

During the Spring 2009 commencement ceremony, Bethine Church, wife of the late Senator Frank Church, will receive an honorary doctorate from Boise State University. Mrs. Church is the seventh person to receive this honor from Boise State. To celebrate this event, Albertsons Library has created a number of physical and web exhibits documenting Mrs. Church’s extraordinary life:

  • A Tribute to Bethine Church” web page presents a short illustrated biography about some of the many accomplishments in Bethine Church’s public and personal life.

  • Bethine Church Digital Collection provides access to approximately 60 photographs documenting Bethine's extraordinary life as a wife, mother, as the "third senator" from Idaho, due to her active participation in public life during her husband's tenure in the Senate, as well as her recent accomplishments in the Idaho Democratic Party and Sawtooth Mountain Recreation Area and Sawtooth Society.

  • Visit the Bethine Church physical exhibit in the display windows outside of the Special Collections Department on the second floor of Albertsons Library during open library hours. The exhibit will be available through the end of May.
  • Transcript of Bethine Church's speech during the commencement ceremony at Boise State University, May 16, 2009


Kelly Orgill said...

Hearing Bethine Church speak was the highlight of spring commencement - I hope a transcript will be available in the near future! Thanks to the library staff for providing the links and info, and the dipslay in Special Collections!

Erin Passehl said...

Thank you for your message! We just added the transcript of Bethine Church's commencement speech to the blogpost. Thanks again!