How to Save Your Family Treasures

Special Collections and Archives works hard to protect the collections we receive. We have a room with that regulates the temperature and humidity, custom shelving, and we use acid-free folders and boxes. Our goal is to preserve material for generations to come.

Everyone has their own personal treasures – photographs, certificates, memorabilia, newspapers. Some may be digital, some paper. So how can you care for them? There are many great resources online to provide guidance on taking care of your own personal treasures:

A question we often receive is about digitizing collections. Scanning your photos or other documents is a great way to have a backup copy or to share with others. But don’t just scan them and throw them away! Sometimes computers crash, files get accidentally deleted, or software becomes obsolete. Go ahead and scan, but keep the originals in a dark, safe place. Or donate them to an archives! Here are a few guidelines to help you decide how to care for digital treasures:

Cheryl Oestreicher, PhD
Head, Special Collections and Archives/Assistant Professor

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