Dance Appreciation Month

From Albertsons Library's Historic Boise State Collection
July is dance appreciation month and the last Saturday of the month is National Dance Day! As you might expect, Albertsons Library has resources to help you find your bop, boogie, or pirouette!

Let’s start with the books. If you type dance history into the search box on the front page of the library website, you’ll retrieve over 25,000 books and eBooks. To be clear, not every one of these titles is sitting in the library, but about 2200 of them are, with another 600+ online titles that Boise State University students, faculty, and staff can access immediately. Most of the other 22,000 titles can be acquired via the library’s Interlibrary Loan service - free! Below are just a few examples. Click the title to view details.

Though these books look really interesting, dance lends itself to the moving image, and the library can help with that too! There are a number of DVDs in our collection, but we also subscribe to a streaming video database entirely devoted to the art of dance.

Dance in Video is a library of over five hundred hours of dance productions and documentaries from the 20th Century. Content covers a variety of genres, including ballet, jazz, tap, improvisational, and concert dance.

Search or browse for videos in a variety of ways, including genre, title or choreographer. Each video is accompanied by a complete transcript and is divided into tracks. Those who create a free account can save playlists and/or video clips. In addition, tools are provided for citing and sharing videos with others in the Boise State University community.


You can get to Dance in Video from the Albertsons Library website under the “Videos & Music” tab.

Of course, there are a plethora of great dance resources on the Web. The New York Public Library has put together a guide to the best of the web for dance so that you don’t have to dig through all those Google search results.

As always, the librarians at Albertsons Library are happy to help if you have questions. Until then - let’s dance! 

Ellie Dworak

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