Eddie Vedder, Sandra Bullock, Rob Lowe, Stephen Colbert, Courtney Love, Bobby Flay, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama… Albertsons Library? We were all born in 1964! Well, construction on the new building started in 1963, but the library held its first open house for the public in August, 1964. The library was not named Albertsons until 1995, after Albertsons Inc. donated six million dollars toward the library expansion and renovation. Still, we’ve decided to celebrate our Golden Anniversary this year, and you can expect a number of opportunities to join in the festivities.

To commemorate the event we’re producing a publication that will be hosted on ScholarWorks, and we welcome your contributions to that publication. If you have an anecdote, fact or photo about the library in the past fifty years, please send it to the library’s Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth Ramsey at elizabethramsey@boisestate.edu. As part of the celebration we currently have a great photo exhibit up on the 2nd floor of the library from Special Collections, Broncos Through the Decades, and Special Collections will also be creating new exhibits monthly from the University archives.

We’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all the groovy anniversary happenings throughout our social media outlets. You can join the conversation on Twitter, where we’re using the hashtag #BoiseStLibraryat50. We’ll also be posting regularly on:

and this blog, so stay tuned! Here’s to fifty years of knowledge, growth and innovation!

This blog post is the third in a series, produced in coordination with the celebration of Albertsons Library’s 50th Anniversary.

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