Civil War Exhibit at Albertsons Library

An exhibit, “Setting the Record Straight,”  is on display in the library lobby through April 13th in honor of the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War. 
Boise State History Department Graduate research assistant
Kate Claussen and Dr. David Walker

Dr. David Walker and Dr. Raymond Krohn, both from Boise State’s History Department, curated the exhibit, “This exhibit challenges certain myths about the American Civil War (1861-1865) by stressing the need to consult sources from the time period, speeches, newspapers, and documents (primary sources) - that give us our best understanding of what caused the war, its cost in lives and limbs, and the results of all the bloodshed."

Former director of the Idaho State Military History Museum,
Ken Swanson, showing artifacts to two students.

Artifacts of that bloodshed are also included in the display, courtesy of former director of the Idaho State Military History Museum, Ken Swanson. The artifacts include slave manacles, a bone saw, and an 1861 contract musket rifle, among other gruesome relics of the war. In addition, informational posters were created by Dr. Walker, Dr. Raymond Krohn, and graduate research assistant Kate Claussen from primary sources of the era. Dr. Krohn will be available in the library on Bronco Day, April 11th to answer questions about the exhibit.

Elizabeth Ramsey,
Reference & Instruction Librarian

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