Try Out Your New Library Study Spaces

View of the Greenbelt, from the Library's 3rd floor.

Summer has been a busy time for Albertsons Library. While preparing space for the College of Innovation and Design, and GIMM Lab we have made a lot of changes to the library study spaces.

For several years, the 3rd and 4th floors of the library were considered quiet floors. As we have been opening up more study group rooms on those floors, we have found that the volume levels have (not surprisingly) increased in those areas. We want to develop study spaces that would accommodate multiple types of learners and the different ways students work. The 4th floor has the most group study rooms, so starting Fall 2015 semester, it will be opened up as a collaborative space. The 3rd floor will remain a quiet floor. We have also added an additional quiet space -- the McCain Room will now be designated as a quiet study area.

With all the changes we’ve been making, we want user feedback! These changes are experiments to see what works and what does not. We need to know how YOU use the library. Where is your space? Let us know via our survey or tweet us at @BSULibrary.

Mary Aagard,
Access Services

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