Idaho Wildlife Resources & Display

This image is from a poster in the library’s Curriculum Resource Center
collection and available for check out.
You see them almost everyday. Cute, furry little things. No, not Tribbles, red squirrels! You can learn more about red squirrels and other Idaho wildlife through these websites:

Idaho Governor's Office of Species Conservation http://species.idaho.gov/

World Center for Birds of Prey http://peregrinefund.org/visit  and, closer to April, watch nesting falcons and kestrels live http://www.peregrinefund.org/webcams

Idaho Fish and Game MK Nature Center

Or, check out one of the resources from the Idaho Wildlife display designed by Laura Coleman, Access Services, at the Circulation desk. We also have library resources for those interested in the unique Raptor Studies program here at Boise State:

Audrey Williams,
Access Services

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