New Workshops Added!


NEW Join the After Hours 3D Printing Group
Do you want to learn how to use a 3D printer and print your files on your own? Get trained! Let's talk about our processes and how you can join what we call the After Hours 3D Printing Group. There are trainings every week, see if one fits your schedule. Don't see a time that works? We're happy to make time! Just email Amy Vecchione, amyvecchione@boisestate.edu, or Deana Brown, deanabrown@boisestate.edu to schedule.

NEW Starting with Python Picking a programming language can be difficult, especially when there are so many languages and so many different applications out there. Not only is Python easy to learn and faster to program with, it is the first choice of organizations like Youtube, Reddit, and Industrial Light & Magic. This workshop will take you through the essentials of programming and get you started writing and editing your own programs. Register now for Thursday, 3/17/2016, 11am. NEW Scientific origami Making origami can be fun and functional, but did you also know it can be scientific? Gain a whole new understanding of DNA by creating a 3D model with paper, while learning about DNA research being done by the The Nanoscale Materials and Device Group. Register now for Friday, 4/29/2016, 2:30pm.
NEW Paper Baskets Desk Set
Are you constantly misplacing your keys? Need something to corral your pens? Don’t spend a fortune buying something, make it out of paper! Learn how to use the library’s Silhouette cutter and let your imagination go wild. Register now for Thursday, 3/10/2016, 1pm.

NEW Circuit Stickers
Create a memento that appears to magically light up. These are hightech stickers with embedded LEDs and circuitry. No need to bring your soldering iron, we’ve got copper tape. All supplies provided, just bring your imagination! Register now for Thursday, 4/14/2016, 1pm.

Getting in Touch with Your Arduino
Have you ever thought about learning to code? Many people want to learn, but never do because they can’t see how it could fit into their everyday life. This workshop will teach you the basics of Arduino coding, electronics and breadboard prototyping. By using capacitive touch sensors, you can interface the Arduino with objects all around you! Register now for Friday 3/4/2016 noon.

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