Internet: Search Engines

Ever feel there's more than one way to Google? A quick glance at the Search Engine Watch website will give you an idea of the widening field of search engines, but another breed of web searching tools are bringing helpful features into play, such as categorized or contextual searching, customizable search results, and website previews. Two search engines making headway are:

exaleadexalead allows you to customize search results according to geographic region, contextual searching, and categorized entries. You can also arrange your search results to show only website thumbnail previews, text-only display, or all three. You can also search for images, audio, video, and RSS (Real Simple Syndication) based on your results.

previewSEEKpreviewSEEK provides the same functionality as exalead, with additional functions such as saved searches, dictionary lookup, and a real-time search keyword search viewer of what people are searching.

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