Staff Picks: RedLightGreen Book Search

In the quest for sources which tell us of the existence of published materials, everyone develops her or his own favorites. One of the resources I like to use is the free web site http://www.redlightgreen.com .

This site claims to search a database of over 120 million items. There are links to libraries which have online catalogs (including Boise State's), links to booksellers which may have the book for sale, indications of multiple editions and other such features. There is also a feature which allows the user to build his or her own bibliography for e-mailing or printing AND, it even offers a choice of bibliographic style manual for the results list (APA, Chicago, MLA and others). One may search by keywords in the author, title and subject fields of bibliographic records ("card catalogs") of thousands of libraries in the US and Canada.

Using this resource is an excellent way to learn of the existence of books. It is NOT an index of the contents of periodicals/journals, and is not even a very good listing of periodical/journal titles. But, it is another possible resource. See the WorldCat database, for a different approach to this same subject. Or go to the Library's home page, click on
Article Indexes and Databases and scroll down the page to WorldCat.

Adrien Taylor, Reference Librarian

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