Albertsons Library Grant Recipients

On behalf of Albertsons Library and the Collection Grants committee, it is my pleasure to announce the winners of the Library's 2006 Collection Assessment Grants.
  • Department of Anthropology - John Ziker, Anthropology, and Beverly Miller, Library
  • Applied Technology, Culinary Arts - Kelli Dever, Culinary Arts, and Janet Strong, Library
  • Department of Art: Art Education - Kathleen Keys, Art, and Elaine Watson, Library
  • Department of Biology - Greg Hampikian, Biology, and Barbara Glackin, Library
  • Department of Instructional and Performance Technology - Don Winiecki and Yonnie Chyung, David Cox, Linda Huglin, IPT, and Dan Lester, Library
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Megan Frary, Materials Science & Engineering, and Beth Brin, Library
  • Department of Modern Languages and Literature: German - Rebecca Sibrian, Heiki Henderson and Teresa Boucher, Modern Languages, and Memo Cordova, Library
  • Department of Theatre Arts: Theatrical Performances - Leslie Durham, Theatre Arts, and Memo Cordova, Library
Teaching faculty and librarians worked together to identify areas of the collection needing special attention or having serious gaps in currency and/or relevancy for a specific subject matter. They assessed the library's current collection, prepared the grant application, and developed a list of resources that will help to fill collection gaps and support new courses and programs. Albertsons Library will give each of the eight winning departments a grant of $3,000.00 for library materials.

We appreciate this opportunity to work more closely with the faculty to enhance the Library's collections.


Albertsons Collection Development Assessment Grant Committee
Peggy Cooper, Chair
Cynthia Carroll
Melissa Kozel
Elaine Watson

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