Staff Picks: ePodunk

Information about geography is needed for a wide range of reasons: tourism, history, sociology, relocating for a job and just plain time wasting. One of the sites which impresses me is http://www.epodunk.com/ yes, Podunk, that old term for "nowheresville" of the Beat Generation.

It has both a browse and a search feature and presents, insofar as possible, identical information about each locality, so comparison of two or more places is relatively easy. It links to official web pages of the towns, counties or other units of government and includes the names, address and contact information for libraries (YEA), government officials, museums, cemeteries, cultural groups, chambers of commerce and other places or organizations which might be of interest.

There is usually also a brief history of the place and a statement about its importance. Some of these statements seem a bit more self-serving than is entirely warranted, but, what can you say, at least it's there. Certainly not exhaustive in its coverage of each place, but, it includes more places by name than most other sites.

Adrien Taylor, Reference Librarian

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