Additions to ARTstor image database

Below are new additions to the ARTstor image database available on the Library's 'Find Articles' page at
http://library.boisestate.edu/indexes/index.htm .

Installation Photos from the New Museum of Contemporary Art Collection
ARTstor is pleased to announce the release of over 6,000 images into the New Museum of Contemporary Art Collection.

The Modern Latin American Art Collection
ARTstor and the Art and Art History Department at the University of Texas, Austin have collaborated on a project to digitize and distribute the teaching slides from Professor Jacqueline Barnitz’s collection. This release contains over 3,800 images that provide teachers, students and scholars with a core teaching collection in the area of modern Latin American art.

More Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Images from the Bodleian Library, Oxford University
ARTstor is pleased to announce the addition of over 6,400 high quality images of manuscripts and early printed books from the Bodleian Library at Oxford University.

Images from the Kress Collection
The Samuel H. Kress Foundation and ARTstor are happy to announce the release of approximately 640 images of art works formerly belonging to the Kress Collection. Many of the greatest Italian artists appear in the Kress Collection, as do numerous significant works by less familiar masters.

Images from the Carnegie Institution of Washington Mayan Excavations (Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University)
ARTstor, in collaboration with the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University, is happy to announce the initial release of over 22,000 images of Mayan excavations.

The Natural History Drawings of the Endeavour Voyage
In collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London, ARTstor has digitized and now released a collection of over 950 watercolors, drawings, and related paintings of botany and zoological subjects documented on Captain James Cook’s voyage aboard the HMS Endeavour between 1768 and 1771.

Additional Images from the Mellon International Dunhuang Archives
ARTstor is pleased to announce a sizable addition toThe Mellon International Dunhuang Archive. Nearly 40,000 images from the British Library manuscripts and over 28,000 images from the Bibliotheque national de France manuscripts will join the previously released images of the Buddhist cave shrines in Dunhuang, China.

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